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SFC KOENIG provides leading engineering and technical support in the development of its sealing and flow control solutions. Our technical specifications and white papers are available to assist customers in their understanding of how our products can successfully solve their sealing and flow control engineering challenges.

Flow Rate & Orifice Size Calculators for KOENIG RESTRICTORS

To assist with your flow restrictor product selection, use our Flow Calculators. Simply select your KOENIG RESTRICTOR and enter 3 values about your application. Options are available to determine the correct flow restrictor series:

Sealing & Flow Control Engineering – SFC KOENIG Technical Information

View the following articles to assist in the selection and usage of our sealing and flow products:

     •     Anchorage Principleincludes anchorage principle related to the base material, bore roughness requirements, and roughness profiles. 
      •     Design Guidelinesincludes information on wall thickness / distance from edge, required installation lengths, roundness tolerance, and conicity of the bore. 
      •     Galvanic Corrosionincludes considerations, its effects and suggestions to prevent galvanic corrosion. 
      •     Hardness Conversion Tablefor hardening carbon and low alloy steel.

White Paper: Proper Selection of Metal-to-Metal Sealing Plugs for Drilled Holes

Across industries such as transportation, fluid power, aerospace, medical and energy exploration, metal-to-metal sealing plugs fulfill mission critical functions. In any system constructed from a solid metal block, with channels that have been cast and drilled for fluid conveyance, proper sealing plug selection will prevent equipment damage, prevent fluid leakage, reduce energy consumption, save money and ensure proper system operation.

Our white paper provides details on the design considerations, risk factors and costs associated with some of the most common metal-to-metal seal options. To view the white paper, please log-in or create a new account. Your information is used solely by SFC KOENIG for its internal marketing purposes. 

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